The design is amazing and when going full throttle the ride is smooth and everyone stays dry!

Flying Elvis, Pursuit 30’

Interview with the Captain – Brendt D’Orio

About the boat

Why did you choose to buy a Pursuit?
I spent a lot of time on my friend Jay Pingree’s boat Competitor and fell in love with the hull and her lines. The quality was impressive.

What other kinds of boats did you consider before buying this particular model (and how did they compare)?
I was so impressed with Pursuit that I did not consider any other boats. However, unlike Competitor, the layout of my boat is different and I loved the changes that were made.

How did you come to find/locate her before purchasing (and what’s the boat’s history if you know it)?
I have a good relationship with Dave at Bosuns. He knew that I was looking to purchase a bigger and more family friendly boat. When this boat came to the showroom, he called me, and I immediately gave him a deposit over the phone.

What features/improvements have you added or do you plan to add?
Unfortunately, in 2020 the boat turtled and had to be completely overhauled. She has all new electronics, wiring, technology, seat cushions and engines. She is basically brand new.

What are the features you like most about your boat?
I love the layout of the interior of the boat. There is a lot of seating and the layout is very functional. Excellent for socializing and plenty of room for the kids to have friends aboard. The head is very roomy too. The design is amazing and when going full throttle the ride is smooth and everyone stays dry!

Who first introduced you to boating/sailing?
Twig Burke, who is a longtime family friend.

Do you belong to a yacht club or other boating/sailing organizations?

What boats have you previously owned?
Century 2600cc , Whaler and A Ribcraft

How do you typically use your boat over the summer, and where do you go?
Our boat is a family boat. We spend hours each weekend exploring the coastline relaxing and having fun. Our local go to destinations are Sand Dollar Cove, especially at low tide, and Cranes. Each summer we take a weekend trip to Oak Bluffs which is always a fun trip for the entire family. Docking is easy and The Dockside Inn is within walking distance to the slip. Very boater friendly Inn. We also enjoy trips to The Wentworth in New Castle, N.H. The highlight of our summer is our trip to Lake Champlain in Vermont. Every summer I have her hauled to VT and we spend the entire week enjoying fresh water sports and the beauty that the lake has to offer. The local people look forward to seeing her on the water and have plenty of complements to give. This is always the best week of the summer.

What is the biggest challenge you have in servicing your boat?
No real challenges. Mark and Matt at Ryan Marine Services are the best in the business. Their hard work and dedication is the reason that, despite my boat turtling, I didn’t miss a boating season last year. An impressive turnaround on repairs in an ordinary year, but even more impressive given that we were in the midst of a pandemic. If there is ever an issue, I email them and it is taken care of usually in 24 hours.

Do you have any notable boating resources you use?
Qualified Captain

Do you have any advice for those looking to buy a Pursuit like yours?
There are not many of them around with this hull. If you find one buy it. You will not be disappointed!

What’s the story behind the boat’s name?
When the Kraft Family purchased the team In 1993, they had a contest to redesign the Patriots logo. The winner received 2 tickets for life to the Pats games. Years later, when my wife was expecting our first child she was watching Fox 25 morning news and they were talking about evolution of the teams logos. The reporter commented that many say the face of the current logo looks like Elvis and the fact that the artist was an Elvis fan. She recalled in separate interviews Robert Kraft said he looks like Elvis and he is flying because of the streaks coming off his face so we call him the flying Elvis. My wife determined that our first boat purchased as a family will be named, “Flying Elvis”. In 2006 we purchased a 26ft Century and named her Flying Elvis. I am a lifelong Patriots fan, loyal to team not individual players like Tom Brady, so this name was a perfect fit!

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