“The design, quality of manufacturing, and equipment list makes Wychmere extremely comfortable and reliable. The four zones of temperature control, the washer and dryer, the water maker, the two Gensets…the list goes on. “


Why did you choose to buy a Fleming? 
Years before Dottie and I made the decision to move from sail to power, we discovered a Fleming at the Nassau Yacht Haven during one of our cruises to The Bahamas aboard Ananda, our Cherubini 44. The owner saw us admiring his boat and invited us aboard. It was that day we decided, when ready, our next boat would be a Fleming. A few years later we were heading south for the winter aboard Ananda with fair northerly winds, however, there wasn’t enough wind to sail causing incessant rolling, it was cold, and diesel exhaust fumes were blowing over us. I said to Dottie, “Wouldn’t it be nice to be on a Fleming with stabilizers and a heated pilot house.” It was at that moment the decision was made. 

What other kinds of boats did you consider before buying this model? 
There are many excellent alternatives to Fleming, but our mind was made up that day we stepped aboard a Fleming in Nassau. 

How did you come to find / locate her before purchasing?
After we made the decision to move to a Fleming, we started going to boat shows where Flemings were on display by Burr Yacht Sales (BYS), Fleming’s east coast dealer. We quickly became friends with the BYS people all of whom are friendly, competent, and extremely knowledgeable about everything to do with Flemings as that is the only manufacturer BYS represents. When we were ready to proceed with purchase, we approached BYS. From our many face-to-face contacts with them, they knew us well enough to match us up with the perfect boat for us, hull #119, built in 2001. 

Who first introduced you to boating/sailing? 
My parents were avid sailors starting when I was three years old. When I was seven, they took my sister, nine, and me out of school and sailed on our 36’ gaff-rigged schooner to The Bahamas. The year was 1957-58. My first solo sail was on our Dyer Dow in Man-O-War Cay Harbour, and I had my own boat at age eight. 

What boats have you previously owned?
Following my first 8’ pram with a 2 HP Elgin outboard, I sailed a Water Bug (built by Graves), a Bahama dinghy, built for us in Man-O-War Cay in ‘58, and a Bullseye. As an adult, shortly after I moved to Marblehead, I had Good Fortune, a 46’ Tancook gaff-rigged schooner 1974-80; Lily, a modified 31’ L. Francis Herreshoff “Wagon Box” 1983-present, and Ananda, a Cherubini 44, 1996-2019. 

What are the features you like most about your boat? 
The design, quality of manufacturing, and equipment list makes Wychmere extremely comfortable and reliable. The four zones of temperature control, the washer and dryer, the water maker, the two Gensets…the list goes on. 

What features/improvements have you added or do you plan to add? 
Besides many minor changes that make her ours, we added the hardtop over the fly bridge and did a complete Garmin instrument upgrade. The old nav equipment was original from 2001 and was all still functional, but the current technology is far superior. Otherwise the boat just needs our loving care. 

How do you typically use your boat over the summer, and where do you go?
Since we live aboard most of the year cruising south for the winter, we spend most of the summer on our mooring in Marblehead Harbor except for our Maine cruise usually for the month of August. 

What is the biggest challenge you have in servicing your boat?
Since we moved aboard in September ’98, I have been able to perform most of the required routine mechanical service and bright work maintenance.  We do rely, however, on BYS for haul outs and major service on the Cummins engines.

Do you have any advice for those looking to buy a Fleming? 
I recommend for anyone looking to buy a Fleming to go through BYS. If you can’t afford a new Fleming, buy the latest model you can afford. It is a good investment.  BYS will tell you your purchase amount is what you will get when you sell no matter how many years you’ve owned it, assuming you take good care of it. You just lose the cost of inflation. 

What’s the story behind the boat’s name?
I grew up on Wychmere Harbor in Harwich Port on Cape Cod, where I learned to love boats and sailing. Dottie and I chose “Wychmere” as tribute to my parents who exposed and encouraged me into boating as a way of life from their home on Wychmere Harbor.

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