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On the Water Boat Cleaning, LLC, based in Marblehead, was founded by two hard-working and enterprising Marbleheaders who, along with their growing crew, love every aspect of boating, including the cleanup.  This is their 6th season in business and they offer professional cleaning services 7 days a week.  The On the Water Boat crew likes working on boats from tenders to yachts and everything in between.  Whether your boat is on land, at the dock, or on your mooring, they can keep your boat ship-shape so you are free to enjoy without the upkeep.

Whether it’s removing stains from mildew or bird droppings, dirty vinyl looks displeasing and decreases the value of a boat.  Mildew stain remover, vinyl cleaner, or its generic equivalent, offers great results to clean a boat and keeps it looking new.  Basic supplies to keep a boat clean: A hose with a nozzle, a long-handled brush, environmentally friendly boat soap, a quick detailer to help remove stains and provide a final shine, and microfiber cloths to clean the dash.

“A common problem for some of the boats we clean is fish blood stains on non-skid decks,” said Noah and Brian.  “The solution is to wash down affected surfaces before the blood has a chance to dry.  Should you miss a spot, sprinkle some non-skid cleaners and ‘roll off’ onto the surface.”  We asked them how often should a boat be cleaned.  “We highly recommend washing your boat weekly,” they said.  “Not only does this keep it looking nice, but it helps maintain surfaces and improves resale value.”

Noah Kaplowitch and Brian Coleman, co-owners of On the Water Cleaning, LLC,  have been around boats all of their lives.  Growing up in Marblehead, boating has always been a large part of their summer activities.  As 12-year-olds, they obtained their junior boating license and began learning their way around the harbors, studying the location of every boat in Marblehead and Salem. From there, they started cleaning  Noah’s family boat as a hobby. During the summer of 2015, after being asked to clean some boats by several owners who noticed their skills, they founded their business.  Initially, they focused on a small but regular customer base and slowly grew through word of mouth and advertising around town.  With these local and humble beginnings, their business expanded across various oceanside communities including Boston Harbor. They have a  strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and have retained many of their original customers since they first started the business in 2015.

Do you have a question for Brian and Noah or their services? Reach out with questions in the comments below!  To learn more, check out their website here and be sure to mention HarborMoor for a 15% discount for your first cleaning!