She’s a yacht with a work boat soul.

JoAhna K, William Garden 58’ 

Interview with the Captain: Jack Molan (Capt. Jack) 

About the Boat

Why did you choose to buy this particular boat and what else did you consider? 
I drove Bering Sea fishing boats for 30 years. I like wood fish boats that are still very active in AK waters. I wanted a boat, a good boat. She’s a yacht with a work boat soul. 

What boats have you previously owned?
Sailboats for 40 years. A Nor-Sea 27, Two Searunner Trimarans 34’ 37’, & A North 34’ 

What are the features you like most about your boat?
Designed by a well known master, William Garden. He combined a sweet hull balance, seaworthiness, 3,500 KN range, stand up engine room, 4 staterooms, and all systems new 2002. The boat has incredible design built in, and she’s well cared for over her 69 years (so far). 

What features/improvements have you added or do you plan to add?
We just added hand rails on the top deck. We might cut in another shower up forward, I need to build a hot tub (from a feed trough). Also, need to mount for our new 13’ peapod under the cargo boom. 

Where have you traveled with your boat?/what do you have planned?
We just returned from 3 weeks in the San Juan Islands, WA. With two sets of guests based out of Anacortes. All was fun as you could hope for, just wonderful. California this winter, and Alaska next year. I’d like to go the distance and get to the Aleutians and do a loop over to Sweden where Joanne’s family are.

Do you belong to a yacht club/marina or other boating organizations?
Classic Yacht Association PNW. Retired Bering Sea Vets.

What is the biggest challenge you have in servicing your boat?
Time and Money…:-)

Who first introduced you to boating?
Cannery working. Also, as a young surfer my imagination was fired up to get a sailboat and escape it all.

Do you have any advice for those looking to buy a whaler like yours?
Our boat is pretty unique. “I did not set out to get a wood boat, I set out to get a good boat.”  
I would never get a fixer upper wood boat. They will sink you..:-) The boat and our experience have to combine to make this great partnership. Ownership of a heavy timber boat is a relationship, it takes a lot, gives a lot.

What’s the story behind the boat’s name?
Jo (Joanne my wife), Ahna (daughter), and K is Kirsten our youngest daughter.

Any recent boating-related purchase you’ve been enjoying (e.g.product/tool/equipment etc)?
Dux Synthetic line, as far as I know I was the first guy to rig a sailboat with Dux rope. Save 25 lbs off a 34 cutter rig. We had used it for years fishing in Alaska. Splice yourself, stronger and more durable than steel wire.

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