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Annisquam River Arts is a sculpture and yacht finishing company located on the north and south shores.  Founded in 1990 and managed solely by the artist in residence, Jack Carney, Annisquam River Arts has supplied high-end quality sculpture and yacht finishes and restorations throughout New England and across the country.  The firm applies Epifanes, Cetol, and Awlgrip marine finishes for brightwork and complete hulls of all kinds. 

“In highly visible areas, I use Epifanes—and a lot of elbow grease—which since 1902 has set the highest standards of varnish quality in beauty, conservation, and performance,” says Jack.  “Through state of the art technology and the use of the finest ingredients, Epifanes will always be the choice for those who demand the best quality.”  Jack notes, however, that great brightwork does not always require varnish.  “In other areas, I use Cetol from Sikkens, a flexible, breathable, synthetic marine coating that’s easy to apply, durable, lower cost, and gives strong UV protection.  When applied professionally it is often difficult to tell it apart from traditional finishes.”      

For boat restorations, Jack uses Awlgrip.  “Awlgrip marine finish is a polyester-based, high-gloss topcoat giving long lasting gloss and color retention.  Within the marine industry, the reputation of Awlgrip is one of universal trust and respect.  With its superior resistance to sun, saltwater, chemicals, and abrasion, Awlgrip is ideal for coating everything from topsides, cabin tops, decks and masts to engines.”

Jack grew up sailing and racing on Lake Michigan.  Summers were spent on Cape Cod, specifically at Chatham’s Old Mill Boat Yard where he was an apprentice and later restorer of old wooden Lyman’s, Old Town’s, and Thompson’s boats.  He has a degree in sculpture which has aided his boat restoration career, and owned a corporate art consulting firm in Boston which has aided the business end of Annisquam River Arts.  He is also the Waterfront Director and Dockmaster at the Corinthian Yacht Club where he has served for the past 21 years.  

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