Uniting Boaters to Protect the Ocean

Sailors for the Sea Powered by Oceana is the world’s only ocean conservation organization that engages, educates, and activates the sailing and boating community toward restoring ocean health.  Sailors for the Sea is part of Oceana, the world’s largest advocacy group devoted entirely to ocean conversation.  Boaters see firsthand many of the issues that our oceans face, from pollution which fouls their playground, to overfishing and habitat destruction, which threaten marine life and the source of food for billions of people around the world. Through solution-oriented programs, Sailors for the Sea unites a core constituency of sailors and boaters whose support helps to win victories to save the world’s oceans. 

Sailors for the Sea Powered by Oceana and HarborMoor have partnered to promote Green Boating in Marblehead.  Green Boaters commit to more eco-conscious practices in a variety of areas including preventing pollution, eliminating single-use plastics, using eco-friendly products, and protecting marine wildlife. Boat owners who have earned a Sailors for the Sea Green Boater designation will have a Green Boater badge displayed on their HarborMoor boat profiles. Badges will be added to boat profiles as new Green Boaters come aboard. 

There are approximately 12 million registered boats in the U.S.  About 15,000 (.12%) have earned the Sailors for the Sea Green Boater designation.  In Marblehead Harbor, about 40 boaters (2% of 2,000 moorings) have been officially designated as Green Boaters.  In August 2020 Rob Howie, Sailors for the Sea Skipper for Marblehead, presented the first-ever Outstanding Green Boater Award to On the Water Boat Cleaning LLC for the company’s commitment to using only environmentally-friendly cleaning products.  It is the first time Sailors for the Sea has recognized a business for their green boating efforts.  Sailors for the Sea also certifies Clean Regattas at various compliance levels.  Junior Race Week became the first in Marblehead to be certified as a Clean Regatta in 2007.  In 2020, it was certified as a Clean Regatta at the Silver level.  

“The Green Boating Guide, available as a free download on the Sailors for the Sea website, is a great way to learn about practical things each of us can do to be a sustainable boater,” says Howie, who is immediate Past Commodore of the Corinthian Yacht Club and the recipient of Sustainable Marblehead’s Conservation Award and the Marblehead Chamber of Commerce’s Harbor Award. “Working with our friends at Sustainable Marblehead, we hope to double the number of Green Boaters in Marblehead Harbor over the next year.” 

 You can help support Sailors for the Sea’s mission by joining the growing community of Green Boaters and consider donating to support their ocean conservation efforts.  To learn more and to get your free copy of the Green Boating Guide, click here.