VAGABOND 14 Detailed Review

If you are a boat enthusiast looking to get more information on specs, built, make, etc. of different boats, then here is a complete review of VAGABOND 14. Built by undefined and designed by Ron Holder, the boat was first built in 1976. It has a hull type of Dbrd. Dinghy and LOA is 4.17. Its sail area/displacement ratio 42.70. Its auxiliary power tank, manufactured by undefined, runs on undefined.

VAGABOND 14 has retained its value as a result of superior building, a solid reputation, and a devoted owner base. Read on to find out more about VAGABOND 14 and decide if it is a fit for your boating needs.

Boat Information

Boat Specifications

LOA:4.17 m / 13.68 ft
Rigging Type:Fractional Sloop
Hull Type:Dbrd. Dinghy
S.A. (reported):10.22 m2 / 110.01 ft2
Draft (max):1.16 m / 3.81 ft
Displacement:120 kg / 264.55 lbs
Last Built:1982
Designers:Ron Holder
LWL:3.81 m / 12.50 ft

Sail Boat Calculation

Comfort Ratio:2.82
Capsize Screening Formula:3.84

Rig And Sail Specs

I:4.05 m / 13.29 ft
S.A. Fore:5.03 m / 16.50 ft
E:2.36 m / 7.74 ft
S.A. Fore:2.57 m2 / 27.66 ft2
S.A. Main:5.92 m2 / 63.72 ft2
S.A. Total (100% Fore + Main Triangles)8.49 m2 / 91.39 ft2


Designers:Ron Holder


Who designed the VAGABOND 14?

VAGABOND 14 was designed by Ron Holder.

When was VAGABOND 14 first built?

VAGABOND 14 was first built in 1976.

How long is VAGABOND 14?

VAGABOND 14 is 3.81 m in length.

What is mast height on VAGABOND 14?

VAGABOND 14 has a mast height of 5.03 m.

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