J/28 Detailed Review

If you are a boat enthusiast looking to get more information on specs, built, make, etc. of different boats, then here is a complete review of J/28. Built by J Boats and designed by Rod Johnstone, the boat was first built in 1986. It has a hull type of Fin w/spade rudder and LOA is 8.69. Its sail area/displacement ratio 16.67. Its auxiliary power tank, manufactured by Yanmar, runs on Diesel.

J/28 has retained its value as a result of superior building, a solid reputation, and a devoted owner base. Read on to find out more about J/28 and decide if it is a fit for your boating needs.

Boat Information

Boat Specifications

LOA:8.69 m / 28.51 ft
Rigging Type:Fractional Sloop
Hull Type:Fin w/spade rudder
S.A. (reported):38.28 m2 / 412.04 ft2
Draft (max):1.52 m / 4.99 ft
Displacement:3583 kg / 7899.15 lbs
Ballast:1361 kg / 3000.49 lbs
Ballast Type:Lead
Last Built:1988
Designers:Rod Johnstone
LWL:7.32 m / 24.02 ft

Sail Boat Calculation

Comfort Ratio:22.43
Capsize Screening Formula:2.01

Rig And Sail Specs

I:10.36 m / 33.99 ft
S.A. Fore:10.97 m / 35.99 ft
E:3.96 m / 12.99 ft
S.A. Fore:16.58 m2 / 178.47 ft2
S.A. Main:21.74 m2 / 234.01 ft2
S.A. Total (100% Fore + Main Triangles)38.32 m2 / 412.47 ft2

Auxillary Power Tank

Fuel:76 L / 20.08 gals


Water:132 L / 34.87 gals


Builders:J Boats
Designers:Rod Johnstone


Who designed the J/28?

J/28 was designed by Rod Johnstone.

Who builds J/28?

J/28 is built by J Boats.

When was J/28 first built?

J/28 was first built in 1986.

How long is J/28?

J/28 is 7.32 m in length.

What is mast height on J/28?

J/28 has a mast height of 10.97 m.

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