The cape dory chose me, I took her out for a sea trial and loved how solid she felt and the way she moved through the water.

Swift Ranger, Cape Dory 30’

Interview with the Captain – Corey Bosman

About the Boat

Why did you choose to buy a Cape Dory?
The cape dory chose me, I took her out for a sea trial and loved how solid she felt and the way she moved through the water. Cape Dorys have a solid following and were built in New England. I’m from New England so it was an easy choice, plus you can’t beat the old fiberglass boat, they are tanks and will take you anywhere safely.

What other kinds of boats did you consider before buying this particular model  and how did they compare)?
None. this was the first and last boat I looked at before buying.

How did you come to find/locate her before purchasing (and what’s the boat’s history if you know it)?
I found her online being sold by a young navy guy in Newport. As far as the history, this boat has had quite its fair share of notable memories aboard including engagements navy pinnings/promotions, marriages. A few owners ago were a folk singing duo called Tennis Inc and Swift Ranger is in their music video called Take Me Somewhere, which can be found on YouTube. I plan to sail her around the world one day.

What features/improvements have you added or do you plan to add?
So far I’ve added a 2000w inverter and a ray marine es12 hybrid touch chart plotter. Over the winter I’m rewiring the whole boat, adding new batteries solar setup doing some re-plumbing, adding in a pressurized water systems, lots of cosmetic work topsides and adding AIS as well as 2 tiller pilot remotes. 

What are the features do you like most about your boat?
I like how solid she feels when a 50ft sport fisher conies flying by and she eats the wake like it’s nothing, I’d take her anywhere.

Who first introduced you to boating/sailing?
My Dad.

Do you belong to a yacht club or other boating/sailing organizations?
I’m a member of the young cruisers association.

What boats have you previously owned?
I’ve had a sunfish, a vector, and a laser.

How do you typically use your boat over the summer, and where do you go?
I usually spend weekends in Bristol RI, I’ll anchor overnight at Patience Island. I usually sail the boat at least a few times a week, in the summer I usually sleep aboard on the mooring in front of the house.

What is the biggest challenge you have in servicing your boat?
It’s just tight spots, I did the marine systems program at the International Yacht Restoration School, so I can do most of the work myself.

Do you have any notable boating resources you use ?
Not that I can think of.

Do you have any advice for those looking to buy a Cape Dory like yours?
I got pretty lucky with mine, but definitely look at more than just one.

What’s the story behind the boat’s name?
The original owner loved the legendary J Class ”Ranger” so that’s where it came from, there is even a half hull model of the original Ranger hanging in the head. 

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