“I will be christening the new name, October 9 in the anchorage off La Paz, Mexico, so if your sailing in the area, row your little skiff on by. Some of the most Positive people I know will be there!”

Positivity, Bristol 35.5′

Interview with the Captain – Johnny Voris

About the boat

Why did you choose to buy a Bristol?
Like many of us “wanna be” cruisers out there, my budget determined what I could look for! Of course, I wanted a New Pacific Seacraft 40 or a Halberg Rassy 42, but that was not in the money cards for me. My budget was $45k “all done”! Meaning, the retrofit was completely done, and we had a strong rig / motor/ and 3 different sail configurations to get us home safe! I was looking for a boat that wasn’t to big for me to handle on my own, and a medium to heavy displacement design that would be comfortable at sea and take care of me and the crew. PS 34/ Allied Seawind 32/ Morgan 38/ Choey Lee 35/ Cape Dory 33/ Rasmus 35/ Southern Cross 31-35/ Contessa 32… were all high on my list. I’ve sailed many of these designs and really came close to buying a Southern Cross 35, but it was snatched up before they got a chance to look at my bid! I saw this beautiful Bristol 35.5 in La Paz for sale, but by the time I called it was sold also! So, I flew to St Thomas to take a look at a custom 40′ sloop rig and an older Crealock 34, but they were both in such tough shape I knew even if they GAVE me the boat, the refit would have killed my budget, and dipped to deep into the crushing funds! Darn! I was really at a low, until all of a sudden, on my birthday, March 3rd, I see that Bristol 35.5 come back on the market in Mexico!!! I call them, and found out the brand new owner wants to sell right away do to another life adventure offer he could not pass on! Just my luck!!! I bid my Birthday Number 3-3k to Tom at La Paz yachts and they took it!!! It was low, but I played my numbers! The even more weird thing is when I did my Sea Trial and saw that it was in slip 33, I knew that it was meant for me!

How did you come to find/locate her before purchasing (and what’s the boat’s history if you know it)?
The boat was sailed extensively by J&J (the old owners) all over the Sea of Cortez and down to mainland Mexico a few times. My plan is to head south, down the mainland, and join up with the Panama Posse. Stopping and smelling the Agave along the way is a big deal for me, so I’m not going to over plan my trip after that! I will also try my hat at logging my journey on a low budget YouTube channel. It’s mostly for friends, family, and my Bristol Yacht group to check in, but check it out at, “Anchor in Positivity“, and on Facebook with the same name!

What boats have you previously owned?
Up to this point I’ve owned a Coronado 25, an Ericson 30+, a NorSea 27, & a Newport 30. But, I also have sailed a Cal 30 to Cabo and a Force 50 to the Big Island from Long Beach California.

What are the features you like most about your boat?
A lot of the specs are very similar to the PS34, a very proven blue water design, so I’m very happy with the design of the solid keel version. I like the B35.5 water tankage (100g), and the split V-Berth interior (two singles). This version comes with one large single berth to starboard with another lower slightly smaller single berth to port. This allows me to store extra sails that are easy to get to, along with room to make work bench along that port side of the berth.

What features/improvements have you added or do you plan to add?
My refit and improvements:

My refit is almost done. I have restitched my 125 rolling genoa with new Grey Sunbrella protection, along with changing out my top swivel on my Profurl system , so I could easily take down the 125 and put up my storm sail when needed. Other things on the list were to change out bilge lines and upgrading the electric panel a little bit. Shade is crazy important here in Mexico and South! So, the refit includes increasing the rollout Bimini size and added side sun curtains for additional shade. Right now I’m fitting a new Maxwell windless able to pull in my new 35# Mantis Anchor, and 225′ of 5/16 HT chain.

How do you typically use your boat over the summer, and where do you go? What are your immediate plans?
I will be christening the new name, October 9 in the anchorage off La Paz, Mexico, so if your sailing in the area, row your little skiff on by. Some of the most Positive people I know will be there!

What’s the story behind your boat name?
“Positivity” is named after the most Positive person I’ve ever known, my daughter, Saylor Sea-Ann Voris! She past away at 17 years old of AML Leukemia and always said, “a day without smiles and laughter, is a day wasted!” So, I sail on in “Positivity” for her!

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