“We really enjoy the comfort the boat provides while cruising. Being able to have shore power, a full shower, and extra room to bring along friends is fantastic.”

Sabre, 42’—Outnumbered

Interview with the Captain—Jeff Given 

Why did you choose to buy a Sabre?
My prior boat was a Sabre 34 Mk1. Growing up in Maine, I was always drawn to the line of boats.  I really enjoy the classic look in addition to how well they sail.

What other kinds of boats did you consider before buying this particular model (and how did they compare)?
In 2019, I was looking to get something a bit larger than the Sabre 34 and with a few more modern features. I was pretty focused on staying with a Sabre but did look at a Morris yacht and a J40.

How did you come to find/locate her before purchasing (and what’s the boat’s history if you know it)?
We spent the early winter of 2020 looking at available boats around the area with our boat broker. This one happened to be listed in Manchester, MA. The boat owner resided in Toronto and had owned it since around 2009. He had it shipped down to Manchester to sell it.

What features/improvements have you added or do you plan to add?
So far we have replaced the electronics, cushions, awl gripped the hull, had the sole refinished, and had the brightwork redone.   The next project will be replacing the keel. The keel is a winglet keel where the winglets were removed after getting stuck under rocks by the prior owner.

What are the features you like most about your boat?  
The list is so long, it is hard to know where to start. We really enjoy the comfort the boat provides while cruising. Being able to have shore power, a full shower, and extra room to bring along friends is fantastic.   

Who first introduced you to boating/sailing?
I grew up boating on lakes in Maine, but was a power boater. In 2005, I decided to take sailing lessons at the Boston Sailing Center. I really enjoyed it so the next season we went out and bought our Sabre 34, Whitecap. 

Do you belong to a yacht club or other boating/sailing organizations?
We belong to the Corinthian Yacht Club

What boats have you previously owned
Prior to this boat, I owned a ’24 Cruisers power boat and a Sabre 34 Mk1

How do you typically use your boat over the summer, and where do you go?
We typically sail around Mass Bay and enjoy doing a few overnight trips each year. 

What is the biggest challenge you have in servicing your boat?
The biggest challenge is righting the check …

Do you have any notable boating resources you use?
I have joined the Sabre Sailboat group on groups.io to keep in touch with other owners. 
The other resource I use is Practical Sailor.

Do you have any advice for those looking to buy a Sabre like yours?
My biggest piece of advice would be to think about how you will use the boat in the short term and how you may use it in the future. It is a process to sell and purchase a boat so thinking about how boating may change and when it could change is important.  While one doesn’t want to buy a boat bigger then what they need, you also don’t want to have to turn around and upgrade a boat in 3 or 4 years.

What’s the story behind the boat’s name?
I have a wife and 2 daughters so I am always Outnumbered.

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