Classically styled, spirited one-design class racer and ideal family daysailer.

The Rhodes 19 is one-design sailboat originally manufactured by O’Day Corp. Currently, the Rhodes 19 is built by Stuart Marine Corp. The boast has a 19’2” LOA, 7’ beam, 3’3” draft, and a sail area of 175 sq. ft.  To date, approximately 3,500 of the boats have been produced.  Available with either a fixed ballast keel (most popular) or with a retractable centerboard, it is used primarily for one-design racing or as a day sailer. The Rhodes 19 is raced throughout the U.S.,  with active fleets in Massachusetts, Newport, New Orleans, LA, and Chicago. 

After WWII, naval architect Philip Rhodes drafted the lines for a wholesome, inexpensive sailboat that was fun to sail, a 19’ round bilged centerboard known as the Hurricane.  In 1958 the O’Day Corp. arranged with Rhodes to use his name to identify the boat.  The Rhodes 19 was able to attract an increasing number of sailors due to its sound design, low price, and stable class management.  In 1984, Stuart Marine began producing the boats for which naval architect Jim Taylor of Marblehead developed the production methods and tooling.

The R19 has flourished for more than 40 years for three reasons: It’s moderately priced, it’s a terrific family boat, and it’s a competitive racer, supported by strong national and regional class organizations.  Fleet 5, home of the Rhodes 19 class in Marblehead, is the largest R19 fleet in the country, and also the largest active one-design fleet in Marblehead.  They’re on the water from Memorial Day through September in racing that includes ultra-competitive Saturdays as well as low-pressure, no-spinnaker Thursday nights.  On the Rhodes fleet’s enduring popularity, Jim Taylor says, “The boat is really well suited to inter-generational sailing, so that in addition to the husband-and-wife crews, there are lots of parent-child teams, too.”  The Fleet includes: 1790, Action, Adam’s Rib, Calgon, Chili, Crippled But Free, David Rose, Dinner Out, Garuda, Hall Pass, Harm’s Way, Il Prete Rosso, Jabberwock, Majorie Ann, McLovin, Mo Hotta Mo Betta, Peppermint, Rallie, Rumble, Sequin, Sundance, Sweep, Swell, Tahoot, Tough Cookie, The Mighty Rhodes, and Woodstock.

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