“[I like] the all-weatherseas capabilities of the Downeast hull and full cabin. The up galley is great for entertaining.

Truant, Blue Seas 31′
Kennebunkport, Maine

Interview with the Captain — Mike Corsie

About the Boat

At what marina do you keep your boat on the river?
DiMillo’s Kennebunk.

Why did you choose to buy a Blue Seas?
I was looking for a Downeast cruiser with diesel power and ample cabin space for our family. I was instantly impressed by the lines of the Royal Lowell designed hull. 

What other kinds of boats did you consider before purchasing this model (and how did they compare)?
I looked at a Cape Dory 31 and actually had an MDI 30 under contract, but discovered serious concerns after sea trial and engine survey on the MDI. The Cape Dory had everything I was looking for, but needed too much work. 

How did you come to find/locate her before purchasing?
Found her on Yacht World.

Who introduced you to boating/sailing/cruising?
Spending time on friends’ boats lead to wanting to get my own. 

What kinds of boat(s) have you owned in the past (or is this your first boat)?
Boston Whaler.

What features do you like most about your boat?
The all-weatherseas capabilities of the Downeast hull and full cabin. The up galley is great for entertaining. 

What features/improvements have you added, or you plan to add to your boat?
After one season of boating with her, I decided to remove the weathered and worn flybridge and upper helm. I never really liked the look of it, or really enjoyed being up there. It didn’t seem worth the investment to restore it. I think she looks much better as a sedan, and the handling and fuel economy have improved so much that I definitely don’t regret the decision. I added a custom-built electronics mast by Cumberland Ironworks, and a new Garmin electronics package, sound system and lighting by Sawyer and Whitten. I repaired and updated the autopilot. All new cushions in the V birth and cabin. We updated the head with a new electric freshwater toilet with a holding tank and new shower. 

What is the biggest challenge you have experienced in servicing your boat?
Changing the oil on the Cummins was difficult. There is not much space in the engine room. I added an electric Reverso oil pump that makes changing oil so much easier. 

Do you have any advice for those looking to buy a Blue Seas (or any type of cruiser) like yours?
Do your research and don’t skip the full sea trial and engine survey with an expert marine mechanic. 

What is the story behind the boat’s name?
She came with the name, and besides not wanting the bad luck of changing it, I thought it was a perfect fit for someone who owns their own business and might play hooky on the water from time to time. 


Where have you cruised to and/or what are your favorite destinations?
Jewel Island and Portland’s Old Port.

Do you have any memorable stories you’d like to share from your boating adventures?
Learning how to dock a large vessel with the current in the Kennebunk River, always an adventure. 

Do you have any notable resources (apps, devices, tools, accessories, etc) that you use?
Garmin Active Captain and Dockwa app.

Do you have any advice, tips, or tricks for those that do or those that are considering boating in our area?
Make friends with the commercial fishermen and charter captains, they may share their favorite fishing spots.

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